Interior/exterior designer, consultant or is it fabricator or…..???

This past weekend, I began to think about my ‘title’ – more specifically what it is that I do.  What I began to realize is that I cannot solely define myself by what I am doing currently, but rather where my creativity is capable of taking me.

There are no limits to creativity
Some people might say it is a burden to have a mind that is constantly in motion.  Believe me when I say it has not always been to my benefit.  As I have begun to surrender my present consciousness to the universe, my mind has become free to create and be positively inspired by my surroundings.  I enter a new space and see opportunity.  Brainstorming with my clients tend to be the most beneficial contributions to the projects I scheme.  For example, I see an old trumpet and I think. “How cool would that be with a succulent garden in the bell at a music based establishment? Perhaps a trendy jazz club?”  My latest creation – I see shipping pallets and chicken wire and think, “there are a world of possible planters I could create with these simple materials.”  Creativity travels indoors where an idea of a speakeasy inspired bar becomes an opportunity to up-cycle or salvage local materials.  I think to myself, “What barn equipment could I use to turn into light fixtures? furniture? functional art work?”  From there, the wheels turn over and over again. Creativity is limitless.

So what is it that I do? How would I personally define my freelance design initiatives?  Creative Designer comes to mind. Maybe Creative Designer & Consultant? I am open to suggestions and would appreciate the input…

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou



One thought on “Interior/exterior designer, consultant or is it fabricator or…..???

  1. Sarah – I think creative is inherent IN designing – so it seems redundant in a title. And I do not have a suggestion at this point – but I KNOW there is a perfect title out there! Keep noodling on it!
    My friend who has her own sign painting business is Sign Designs.
    I think you do a lot of re-purposing too – maybe there’s a fancy word for re-purposing! Keep up the good work!

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