Quilting isn’t just for grandma

Recently it became apparent to me that I am getting older. I didn’t say ‘old’ just older. How do I know this to be true? A few reasons.

First, I have started falling asleep at unreasonable hours – middle of day for a little siesta, 8pm while watching some home improvement show on HGTV. You name it, I’ve slept through it.

Second, I no longer can hold my liqueur nearly as well as I used to. Besides that, any drink I do have (beer specifically) seems to go straight to my mid region. You know, that one directly under the belly button area.

Laslty, all of my friends are getting knocked up and shooting babies out their wah-zoos like its 1946. This brings me to a very important point, and the purpose of this post. As my friends have been acquiring growing bellies by means other than drinking beer, I have bestowed it upon myself to quilt everyone of those little monsters a blanket. Behold the masterful nature of hand quilting…

For Harper Edith Moralis, daughter of my dear friends Amber and John.


For baby Yeatman, daughter of Christine and Jim.


Another quilt is pending – fabrics include a paisley pink and polka dot extravaganza. Basically, a rainbow colored unicorn threw up and made a blanket. But for real, it will be nauseatingly beautiful.

Upcoming projects:

  • More baby quilts
  • Beer bottle and cap wind chime
  • Custom 21 inch bed skirt
  • Photographing my past work and make this whole ‘I’m a real interior designer’ thing actually seem believable

Peace to all my ladies with babies,
or beer bellies as the case might be,



2 thoughts on “Quilting isn’t just for grandma

  1. These are adorable! You definitely have a gift here! And while I’m in that category of people getting knocked up and popping out kids, I have to admit that I love having ungodly bedtimes (my favorite recently was the day I decided that 7:30 was appropriate). If you need some more quilt clients, let me know! I have a wealth of fellow pregnants who would love these!

    -Jessie (& Baby Boy) Copeland

  2. I am so excited about your new direction – especially the quilting part. You are going to be an awesome designer / artist / quilted. You go girl!

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