Welcome Friends!

Hello and welcome to Designs by Birdie.

This is the beginning of a new project for me in the spirit of my “Summer of George” (see Seinfeld, Season 8, Episode 22, circa 1997). Something I’ve wanted to do for some time now. So here it is! Interior and garden design following four very important rules: reduce, reuse, recycle, AND doing it on a budget! My plan is to follow suit of the brilliant minds before me – Lara Spencer, co-anchor for Good Morning America and yard sale extraordinaire, Jonathon and Drew Scott of the innovative show Property Brothers, and these fantastic women! (see link below)

How this all started:

Last year in July 2012, six months before I was to be marrying my now, fabulous and loving husband, I was laid off from my job as a migrant pre-school teacher. This was a devastating event – I had always promised myself that I would be financially stable before I got married. Regardless, my family and husband Josh were extremely supportive. I guess you could say this is when my SOG (I will be abbreviating Summer of George henceforth) really began. I decided, with the help of my family to take this time and really prepare for the wedding AND the arrival of my traveling mate from abroad, Penelope. It was a fantastic month and a half filled with northeast adventures and A LOT of Tanqueray and Tonics. I guess you could say the wedding design really got my creative juices flowing, although the TNTs may have helped too. 🙂 The more I created, the more I began to see my hiatus from work as a blessing. I did not think things could get better, but they did!

me and my hubby

Me and my husband, Josh.

An opportunity arose for me to design three rooms at the house of my in-laws, Debbie and Jack. I hate to say that it was as simple as them handing me their Am-ex card and letting me go to town, but truthfully it was! Sure, it took a little convincing that I knew what I was doing. There were some disagreements along the way. But soon, it became an addicting process for all involved. I couldn’t wait for the hunt of finding signature pieces, quirky fabrics and and swimming in a sea of paint colors. Not to mention the fact that every day was like Christmas for Debbie. She would come home from work to new furniture and art – she even scored a custom made window seat cushion designed by yours truly, moi! Needless to say, this has become a favorite spot for everyone in the family. Even their Great Pyrenees/Rough Collie, Callie!

Where I want to go from here:

My plan at this point is to start documenting what I’ve done so far. I will be updating with various entries of my crazy endeavors and projects. I will also be including an “what’s up next” section of each post, sharing some of my future ideas for projects. I am hoping, with the help of my friends and family to land a few more jobs. Something I want to make clear – I am interested in working with clients who are interested in discovering their inner-designer! (Before and after pictures of my mother inlaw’s new garden escape, post interior make over will be shared at a later date. She discovered a talent she never knew she had!) It is my belief that everyone can create a space for themselves that speaks to them! Not just a place to live in, but a place to love.

How it will work (in the beginning!):

As of right now, as I begin to build my portfolio I will be designing for FREE. Cost of materials and painters/handy people will be at the cost of the client. Included in my services will be design plans complete with 3-D mock ups of my ideas based on initial interviews with clients, story boards created by myself or the client, and flexible hours to complete each project in a thrifty and timely fashion. I want the experience of my clients to be interactive – an opportunity for us to learn from each other regardless of our skill levels!

So I guess that is about it. Feedback and ideas welcome! This is totally new territory to me. I am very excited to finally follow this little dream of mine and am hoping it takes me   to a place of true peace and harmony…and all that other hippie-dippie stuff. 🙂

Totally inspired and probably crazy,


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